custom promotional hats
custom promotional hats
custom promotional hats

Custom Promotional Hats Wholesale

If you’re looking for custom promotional hats, visors, snapbacks or another form of headwear, ScreenWorks can provide you with the best customized headgear. We’re a reliable company who can make you look great with high quality and unique products. Here at ScreenWorks, we can print custom promotional headwear for you. Whether it’s custom promotional sunglasses, caps or beanies, ScreenWorks can work with you from the start to finish and create headwear that suits your business perfectly. We allow you to have full control over how the headwear looks, be that custom promotional embroidered hats or snapbacks. We start with a blank canvas and can style and shape the headwear, so it suits all of your specifications. Whatever you want, we can provide you with your desired outcome to the highest possible standard.

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Custom Materials
When it comes to made-to-order headwear at ScreenWorks, we offer a range of different materials to create the product such as wool, cotton, polyester and more. We have a variety of stock patterns to choose from, which include leopard print, camouflage, zebra print and a lot more. ScreenWorks can also give your headwear a unique look and create a personalized pattern by modifying materials.

Inside Woven Labels
We create woven labels that match the design of the hats you request, so they are unique to your business. We sew the labels into the custom promotional visors, caps, snapbacks, and more for custom branding. The tags usually contain all of the necessary information about the material, as well as the brand logo and the brand website, although you have the freedom to customize them to your needs entirely.

Printed Tape
For our tailor-made headwear, the product will have printed tape inside of it. Usually, this has the manufacturer's logo, but for our custom promotional beanies, headbands, and hats, we design the specially made tape that suits your exact design specifications.

Custom Color Scheme
To suit the rest of the pattern, style and colors, the colors of the top button, eyelets, thread, underbill, panels, sweatband, and the adjustable snap can all be customized. Whatever color you desire, we can provide, our headwear is fully customizable. Whether you want simple custom promotional embroidered caps or super flashy, colorful or patterned hats, you are free to design whatever you want.

Fully Custom Headwear Accessories
At ScreenWorks, the headwear we produce can be screen printed, embroidered, heat transferred, laser etched or sublimated. With all of these print methods, we can combine them together to create hats to your exact specifications. We can produce novel and visual hats that aren’t like any others out there. We don’t create average hats; we create the best.

The Limit Is Your Imagination
Whatever your idea is, get in touch with us today to discuss the possibilities. At ScreenWorks, we work with our customers and listen to what they want. We manufacture quality headwear products that are customized to suit our client's specific target market.

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Custom Promotional Hats Bulk

Here at ScreenWorks, we provide retail companies with large quantities of headwear products that they can sell to their clients. We manufacture unique and tailor made items that have been specially designed by the retail company. The minimum amount of products that we can produce does vary depending on the item. If you’re a small retail company who is interested in using our made-to-order headwear service, give us a call, and we can offer you a quote on the minimums of the products you’re in need of and also on the price.

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Whether you want custom promotional snap back hats, visors, glasses or something else in the headwear category, get in touch with us today. Our company has the highest levels of skill, quality, and professionalism in all of Orange County, California.

If you’re interested in our custom headwear services, you can get in touch with us by giving us a call on, 949-446-1300 or sending an email to [email protected]. One of our friendly team members is always happy to help you with any queries that you may have, whether that’s asking for a quote on a project or you simply want to find out more information. It’s our goal to create products that not only our client's love but also their customers will enjoy too. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction within all areas. Get in touch with us today!

If your business needs some merchandise for an upcoming trade show, allow us, ScreenWorks, to produce the goods for you. We’re a reliable company who can get the products manufactured efficiently but still to the highest possible standard. We never let our customers down.

custom promotional products
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