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custom promotional bags
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Bags are an item that will never go out of fashion; they’re always in high demand because they are stylish and practical. Whether it’s custom promotional drawstring backpacks, zipper bags or shopping bags, no one can go an entire day and not see a bag somewhere. Children use them for school; adults use them on a daily basis or for work, hikers use them to carry equipment. Both sexes and all ages use bags; they’re always going to be a product that sells. If you own a retail company that sells bags, having them manufactured quickly is crucial for business. Here at ScreenWorks, we can produce many different types of bags in bulk for our clients. Not only are they built within an excellent time frame, but we also make them to the highest possible standard. What makes ScreenWorks the best is that the bags we provide are fully customizable. We listen to exactly what you want to ensure that the products we create are one hundred percent up to scratch and suit your specifications perfectly. Whether you’re after custom promotional zipper bags, tote bags or another style of bag that we offer, you get full say over how the products will look.

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Belt Printing
The belt printing technique, which is also known as all over screen printing, can incorporate one or multiple types of ink. The print that is produced by this technique can cover the entire surface of custom promotional tote bags, rucksacks, and more. The print can be unique, intricate and stylish to suit whatever style you want.

Plastisol Ink
Plastisol ink is the most common type of ink printing technique that we use when decorating bags and garments. This printing method allows us to produce prints with high ink opacity, and the end image result is always clear and crisp. Another form of plastisol ink that we offer is glitter and metallic ink. We mix plastisol ink with metallic or glitter flakes to create an ink that is reflective and shimmery for something truly eye-catching.

High-Density Printing
High-density printing is a form of screen printing. With the expanding ink technique, plastisol inks are mixed with an additive to create an ink that has a 3D effect on the product.

Discharge Ink
We use discharge ink when we want to remove dye from a product. We use the discharge ink technique when our clients want a vintage or distressed look to their products. You can use this method on a variety of materials so whether you want custom promotional backpacks, duffel bags or another style of bag, you can utilize this technique.

Water Based Ink
Unlike plastisol ink, water based ink penetrates many different fabric types. With this printing technique, there’s no texture to the product; it allows the bags to be softer.

Foil Printing
For foil printing, we first apply a glue based ink to the product then use foil transfers to create a metallic and shiny finish. We offer foils in a wide range of colors. Our clients can design unique products to suit their specifications.

Glow In The Dark Ink
We can also apply glow in the dark ink to produce light-sensitive products.

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Custom Promotional Bags Bulk

We get many big companies coming to us and buying customized products in high volumes. Whatever type of bag our clients are after, be it custom promotional zipper tote bags, backpacks or shopping bags, Screen Works can manufacture the items efficiently while still ensuring that they are of the highest quality. At ScreenWorks, we have an in-house design team that can produce artwork for our clients. If you’re interested in using our service, and you want a unique and creative design, for an extra fee, our graphic design team can create the art for you. All of the team are very skilled; they know all of the latest trends and can create artwork for you that is like no other. They will work closely with you to ensure that what they are creating suits your brand and audience.

All of the bags we offer are fully customizable; this allows our clients to design products that suit their company. Whether it’s custom promotional eco bags or zipper tote bags, we can create unique and visually stimulating products for our clients.
Depending on the item you desire, we do have minimums on the amount that we can produce. If you’re a smaller company who is interested in using our services, get in touch with us today. You can discuss your ideas with one of our staff members, and they will be able to give you a quote for the cost and also for the minimum amount of products that we can manufacture for you.

Here at ScreenWorks, we can provide businesses with a range of different custom promotional bags:
Custom promotional duffel bags
Custom promotional drawstring bags
Custom promotional eco friendly shopping bags
Custom promotional gift bags
Custom promotional drawstring sports pack
Custom promotional lunch bags
Custom promotional tote bags
Custom promotional yoga bags
Custom promotional zipper bags
Custom promotional drawstring pouches

Trade shows are great ways for companies big and small to get their products out there. If you’re in need of some high-quality trade show merchandise, ScreenWorks can be of service to you. We can provide you with a range of different bags such as custom promotional mesh bag with string, yoga bags, shopping bags and much more. Whatever you need, we can manufacture it for you. We make all of the products fully customizable for our clients to create products that suit their brand and their target market. With ScreenWorks, you’ll never be let down. When we receive an order, we work quickly to ensure that we produce the stock in time for our customers’ trade shows.

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