custom promotional apparel
custom promotional apparel
custom promotional apparel

Custom Promotional Apparel Wholesale

ScreenWorks has been established since 1999; that means we have many years worth of experience when it comes to promotional products. Over the years we have expanded the products we offer, which includes a broad range of wearables to suit a variety of brands and industries. From custom promotional outerwear to aprons and headphones, we offer different wearables to appeal to a range of customers. We’re a reliable company who over the years have received enormous amounts of brilliant feedback about the services we provide. If you want custom promotional scarves, custom promotional sunglasses, custom promotional wristbands or any of the other wearables that we provide, ScreenWorks can deliver outstanding results promptly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on providing quality items but for a value price. Whether you’re ordering custom promotional lip gloss or custom promotional aprons, we put the same amount of effort and quality into everything that we manufacture. When we embroider your products, we use several different techniques. All of these methods come in a range of different color options, and we can apply them to multiple different materials.

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3D Embroidery
If you’re ordering custom promotional hoodies and you want your logo puff embroidered on the front, this is the technique we use.
For custom promotional jerseys with a large embroidered design on the front, applique is your best option. With this method, you can replace a large area with fabric rather than stitches.
Basic Embroidery
For artwork embroidered onto custom promotional t shirts, basic embroidery can give quality results.
Embroidered & Woven Patches
We can create custom patches to attach to your custom promotional outerwear. Whether you want woven patches or embroidered ones with laser cut edges or merrowed edges.
Belt Printing
We use belt printing when you want a design printed all over a product. Say for example you want custom promotional apparel where you print the sleeves with a design of your choice; we would use this printing technique.

Plastisol Ink
This type of ink allows us to print with high ink opacity. We can use this technique on a range of different garments, including custom promotional flip flops. We can also mix plastisol ink with glitter flakes to create an ink that is shimmery.
Water Based Ink
Water based inks penetrate the fabric that you print them on, leaving you with a nice, even surface. If you want a product that has a flat, non-existent ink feel to it, then we will use water based inks.
Glow in the Dark Ink
If you want your products to be light sensitive, we can use glow in the dark ink. For example, we can use this type of ink on custom promotional watches so the face or straps can glow in the dark.
Foil Printing
By using a glue based ink on the products, we can then apply a foil transfer to achieve a metallic and shiny finish. We offer foils in a range of colors and are compatible with several different materials to offer you greater choice.

promotional products wholesale

Custom Promotional Apparel Bulk

Due to the large variety of custom promotional clothing and apparel we have an offer when you need to replenish your stock you can bulk buy everything you need from us and receive it all at the same time. We can handle any job given to us. ScreenWorks have extensive experience in all areas of promotional products. Whether you want 5,000 custom promotional headphones, 700 custom promotional glasses or 7,000 custom promotional buttons, we will get the job done on time.

We produce large quantities of:
Custom promotional pins
Custom promotional bracelets
Custom promotional ear plugs
Custom promotional gear
Custom promotional lip balm
Custom promotional ladies polos
Custom promotional outfitters
Custom promotional swag
Custom promotional wayfarer sunglasses
If you're interested in any of the above wearables or prefer something a little different, get in touch with our team, and we can produce something unique to your business.

If you have a trade show coming up, you need to ensure that you choose a reliable company who can produce and deliver your merchandise in good timing before the trade show. Your products need to be of a high standard, and they should represent your brand well. At ScreenWorks, because you can fully customize any of the products, you can put your mark on the items. Be it a graphic print on custom promotional t-shirts or embroidery on custom promotional towels, the items that we manufacture will suit all of your specifications. We can produce large quantities of products for you to endorse at a trade show. We make all of our products to the highest possible standards, so you will have no trouble attracting many customers.

If you’re interested in any ordering custom promotional socks, custom promotional earbuds, custom promotional necklaces or any of the other products that we offer, get in touch with us today for pricing or a quote. Order some uniquely customized custom promotional jackets or custom promotional polos with just your logo embroidered onto it, ScreenWorks will provide you with the best quality service. We look forward to working with you and your business to create exclusive and quality merchandise.

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Custom Promotional Apparel Suppliers Orange County California

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